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Hey ya. Welcome to my world where love has all the flavor and none of the boundaries. Have a seat, sit back and relax. Feel free to play here, that was what I had in mind when my world was created. I'm sure you'll find something to hold your interest. Perhaps you'd like to chat. I love hearing from readers, click on Contact Me and I'll get a notification. Stay as long as you like, enjoy yourself and thank you for stopping by.


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Coming Soon! Omega 

October 11, 2014

Pack Rulez #7

Colin Blaidd did it all for love.

She was his mate, but fate kept them apart. He was a father with responsibilities not just to his family but to his clan. Avoiding the landmines in his life was a tedious lesson in patience. Robbie was worth the struggle. In the end he would possess her and lead the Shifter Nation. All it took was time.

A world she never knew existed.

Robbie was recruited by Malachai before she finished college to work in a government installation. She didn’t realize those very people she had grown to trust would betray her. Playing a deadly game of charades she turned to the one man that had promised to protect her. Colin was both man and beast, a test subject. But she hoped his savagery would be enough to save them all.


Coming Soon! Beast Protector

September 12, 2014

Shifter Legend #4

Magdalena Rafi didn't want a mate. She found herself with two. The next clue to the dragon horde just got more complicated.

Ratchet was a beast on a mission. Finding the other half of his soul broke a powerful connection to the dragon that kept him captive. Free, he sets out to destroy his captor and complete the bond. She has other ideas.

Time is running out. Somehow they must find equal footing, or everything gained will be lost. She must choose wisely or run the risk of being shackled to the wrong shifter forever.

Coming Soon!

Lucky's Charm

Date to be announced.

He did what he had to do.

Landis was stuck.

Dropped into another world far from a fantasy of her choosing, she searches for a way home. Lost she must depend on beings she has only ever read about in fairy tales. Soon, she realizes just how wrong those stories were.

Even in his world it was rare to see a woman fall out the sky.

Lucky saved a lass and knew without a doubt that she was the one meant for him. She also wasn’t from his world and he was a wanted elf bonded to a unicorn. So he had a few issues to clear up. If it meant Landis staying he was willing to battle banshees, conquer the trolls, and brave a giant’s wrath.

With a little finesse and a lot of loving, she just might be all the charm he needed.



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