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Hey ya. Welcome to my world where love has all the flavor and none of the boundaries. Have a seat, sit back and relax. Feel free to play here, that was what I had in mind when my world was created. I'm sure you'll find something to hold your interest. Perhaps you'd like to chat. I love hearing from readers, click on Contact Me and I'll get a notification. Stay as long as you like, enjoy yourself and thank you for stopping by.

***I have resumed writing so stay tuned I am working to get books out as quickly as possible***


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Come meet and talk to over twenty of the hottest IR authors around. Join in the panels. Vote for the awards and stay for the ball...dressed as your favorite book charcater. And eveything is held at the Buena Vista Palace, a beautiful hotel o walt Disney World Property, across fro Downtown Disney. Want to know more? Click on the picture to open the door to the Interracial Romance Authors Expo.

Coming September

Asian Persuasion.

(Book 1 - The Beginning)

Meet Choi Jin Woo and step into my take on an Interracial Korean Drama!  


Out Now! The follow up to Falling!


Riley Joe didn't just believe in chaos...he created it, reveled in it. Life tried to break him a long time ago. He fights for his truth, to hell with what everybody else thinks.

Savannah Joy Regis prays for love, after only knowing abuse for most of her life. She's gotten use to hiding the scars and slowly she rebuilds her life away from the people who created her own personal hell.

When the leader of the Aryan Southern Chapter, New World Watch, crosses path with the one woman he knows he can't have...hell hath no fury like a man determined. To Riley, Savannah's very existence is reason enough to take his last breath.
Blood in...blood out. He's willing to take the chance and life for the woman he claims will never be the same. Just maybe he can rise above it all.



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