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Hey ya. Welcome to my world where love has all the flavor and none of the boundaries. Have a seat, sit back and relax. Feel free to play here, that was what I had in mind when my world was created. I'm sure you'll find something to hold your interest. Perhaps you'd like to chat. I love hearing from readers, click on Contact Me and I'll get a notification. Stay as long as you like, enjoy yourself and thank you for stopping by.

***I have resumed writing so stay tuned I am working to get books out as quickly as possible***


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A new release - Rising Sun

She stepped off the plane and into Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Noemelee Anderson had a client with security issues that wouldn’t allow her to access them remotely so she traveled halfway around the world to fix his server.
In a foreign land steeped in a culture she is unfamiliar with, she has no idea where to begin or how to speak the language. The unknown is not something she is prepared for. Get in, take care of business, and get out, back to US soil.
Her kidnapping was not on the agenda. And the man that takes her...Karakurenia Ryu (Crimson Dragon) is one of the most powerful Yakuza Lords in Tokyo and he will not be denied.



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