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Pack Rulez


Unedited Excerpt

Crisp breezes followed Sasha through the door, whipping around her to send the documents on Etienne’s desk flying across the surface. He slammed his hnds down to catch the papers and gazed up, a soft smile lifting the corners of his mouth.  The sheriff’s empty of any other personnel. She took the seat across from him, placing her palm against the lower part of her protruding belly. Seven months pregnant, Sasha sighed heavy as her baby pressed against her bladder. She just sat down and now she needed to pee. A damn apex predator, with over ten years of field duty and covert missions under belt and an infant the size of a bag of flour can make her wet her freaking pants.  

She scowled at Etienne, who arched a brow in her direction. “You are not having a dinosaur.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose.

“Says you.” Sasha scooted forward in her seat. “Think about it. You’re a gator, the closest living thing to one of those prehistoric animals and Mais told me Roar’s daughter is a saber tooth tiger.” She struggled from her set and leaned over his desk. “Roar is a damn polar bear and that kid’s mama is a plain old tiger and they had a Saber Tooth Tiger! With you as a dad our baby doesn’t have a chance.” She hung her head. “I’m probably going to give birth to a freaking T-rex or something.”

Her mate burst out in laughter.

“It’s not funny.” Etienne may not think there was anything to worry about but dammit, her concerns were legitimate. Marree did nothing to alleviate her concerns. The damn vet chuckled like Etienne every time she asked about probabilities.

“You’re a Florida Panther, I’m sure your genes are contributing to our child’s genetics.” He caressed her fingers. “I bet our son will be on hell of a beast.”

“I hate you.” She straightened, the urge to pee becoming more urgent.

“I know.” He rounded the furniture and pressed cupped her stomach in his palms. “I’m okay with that as long and you and our kid is happy and healthy. “Marree has told us at every checkup that the polar bears child is thought to have happened because of some sort of recessive gene, I think we are okay.” He rubbed his nose against hers.

“But you don’t know.” No one did, that was the scary part. She dropped her head back to gaze up at him.

“I’m going to love our little beast no matter what animal he becomes because he is ours.”

“Yeah, well, say that after you see him because I have seen picture of both Mais and Kiele. They were not cute kids…at all.” It was rare that any mixed breed baby was except Scar and Fre’s. That little girl was gorgeous at nine months, Goddess but her son should be such a cute baby. Sasha wasn’t holding on to such hope. She was going to give birth to a dinosaur, she’d already accepted it.



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